The Lake Bodom murders were an infamous
 multiple homicide that took place in Finland
in 1960. Lake Bodom is a small lake in
Espoo, about 22 kilometres west of the
country's capital, Helsinki.
15 years old students Irmeli Björklund and
Anja Mäki and 18 years old electricians
Seppo Boisman and Nils Gustafsson
planned to go camping at Whitsun 1960.
Boisman and Gustafsson worked at
 Strömberg factories located in Pitäjänmäki,
Helsinki. Boisman had rented a tent for their
camping trip from his work place.

At June 4th 3.30-4.00 pm these young people
started their trip from Viherkumpu, Espoo. They headed for beautiful cape of lake Bodom. They arrived at their destination at 5 pm. Evening went with swimming, fishing and drinking alcohol.

They went to sleep at midnight. In the morning eye-witnesses saw a tent with four persons lying on it. Three of them were dead: Irmeli Björklund, Anja Mäki and Seppo Boisman. Nils Gustafsson was the only one who survived alive.

Many people were questioned by the police and investigations took place but the police didn't manage to catch the killer in the 1960's. Years passed by and the case became forgotten.

In the year 2003 a new investigator was nominated to the case Bodom. His name was Markku Tuominen. He investigated a possibility that Nils Gustafsson was the murderer. Markku found evidence against Nils. At April 4th Nils was arrested and he was prosecuted for triple homicide. Nils was released from pretrial detention in June 2004.

Preliminary investigation was ready in March 2005. After this the case went to prosecutor. Prosecutor decided to proceed against Nils Gustafsson for triple homicide. Trial started in September 2005 and it lasted two weeks. Court Finds Gustafsson not guilty of Bodom Lake triple murder.


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